Hello, I'm Vanessa Dillon.

I like to describe myself as an ambitious learner. I am currently seeking employment opportunities related to front-end web development. Open to mentors and anyone with tips on web development. I am currently skilled in HTML5/ CSS3, Javascript (ES6 as well as RegEx), MySQL, and Python. Actively learning Node.js and React!

Click here to view my Responsive Web Design certification from FreeCodeCamp!


Things I've worked really on!

ATM Project

atm screenshot

In this project I had to design a fully functional ATM machine using HTML/CSS and Javascript. The ATM is fully interactive where the user is allowed to create an account, accept a card PIN number, and successfully withdraw funds.


960grid screenshot

This project's mainly focused on implenting the 960_grid in order to correctly layout the website.

Bootstrap Project

After downloading and researching bootstrap, this project was a beginner's website to begin my skills in Bootstrap. This is has become one of my favorite frameworks to use.

L'VRT Rental Project

In this team project, the goal was to create a Luxury Rental Car company. We were able to construct an API using mySQL and node.js, also we created detailed wireframe, sitemap, and flowmap to help give us a visual of what the website will look like in the future along with its navigation of steps.

Battleship Game

Built from Javascript, this game is fully functional and fairly close to the traditional Battleship.

FCC: Product Landing Page

Originally created on FreeCodeCamp, this page shows tribute to Disney's Lion King characters Simba, Timon, and Pumba.

FCC: Technical Documentation Page

Also on FreeCodeCamp, in this project we had to make a technical documentation page, but I decided to keep the layout and change it to a "hysterical" documention page where I decided to list whatever came to mind on the page.

Weather App

Using online resources, in this project I successfully created a Weather app that shows the correct degree of temperature of Celsius or Fahrenheit, uses an API to fetch data for location and temperature. Used Animated SVG icons for effect.

Final Project

In this project I made a fully responsive e-commerce website for renting cars. React will be implented with it, as well as a self-built API database.